Thursday, September 25, 2008

That moment could get Kristen Davis a NOMINATION

Kristin Davis

Everyone in the theater cheered and Kristin Davis was all the talk after the movie was over with all my industry friends. Everyone was talking about that moment. Wish they held it on her a tad longer. It was the collapse of her ideal world and being the protective friend - Brilliantly played. So powerful. Anyone who's seen the movie knows what I'm talking about. Her story-line really was the backbone of the movie I thought. Haven't felt those goosebumps in a long time - NICE WORK KRISTEN!!!!

I'm so glad to see there is a thread for that particular moment--Kristin played it absolutely beautifully, and it makes one really wish she gets more opportunities like this in future to show off her dramatic mettle. Within a couple of seconds, she really blew the doors off the barn, so to speak. I love the way she accomplished all this with just one look (and what a look!) & only a couple of words of dialogue. Immediately afterward, she brilliantly mixed drama and comedy together by the unique "walk" & body language she used in her storming off the scene. Bravo, Kristin archives! Just saw the film last night, and thought the entire ensemble did a remarkable job.

Kristen Davis - Prettiest Girl Ever

Kristen Davis gallery

Kristen Davis - incredibly classy, beautiful, and with innocent eyes, and cute smile... I want to marry someone like her.

My Grandmother says the same thing. She is the only pretty one. Jessica Parker was probably more attactive when she was a teenager but with Parker I think it's the whole attitude thing.

I have spent most of the past few days watching all the episodes of SATC, and I never gave Davis enough credit as an actress; she is wonderful as Charlotte. I also realized that she was a knockout. *Sniffle* I just watched the episode when Charlotte runs into Harry at a Jewish singles night, and when they have their heart-to-heart conversation, I cried, just as I did the first time I saw it. And I rarely cry at anything. Davis played that scene so perfectly; I could feel her abject sorrow when Harry asks her how she's been, and Charlotte, tearing up, answers "Not good" and then (I'm paraphrasing) Kristen Davis says "I don't care if you never marry me. I just want to be with you. I would be so lucky to be with you."That whole scene really gets to me.

Archives, I've started crying again. And yes, she's lovely. Kristin Davis all of those things ethearal host said.